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About Clean House

We are here to help you remember that your home does not need to be a source of stress and can instead support you, both in function and feeling. 

Tink Rainbow


Tink Rainbow is a dynamic woman and has an innate skill and sense for home organization in a way that is both supportive of the space and the client.

Prior to starting Clean House in 2019, she was a special education teacher for 15 years. Tink enjoyed what she did and LOVED her students, but was left feeling unfulfilled each day.

With the support of her wife and other resources, Tink nurtured her love for organizing into a career. Tink, along with her team, uses her talents to improve the function and flow of every space and home she enters. 


Tink wakes up every day thrilled to do what she do and to meet the next life and family she will change. Her goal is for her clients to feel ease in the process and happy with the results.  

Our Team

The Clean House team are an energetic and efficient group of women that love to organize and love giving you the results you're looking for.

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