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Clean House, Inc.

Professional Home Organizing
Servicing the Main Line & Philadelphia Area

1. Free Consultation

We start with a 15 minute phone call. You'll tell us about your space, your desires, and roadblocks.  After our call, you'll receive a proposal and we'll start brainstorming.

2. Plan & Shop

On the day of your project, we'll start by taking pictures and measurements, and then we will shop for all that is needed to execute the room of your dreams. 

3. Implement
After we find the organizational and decor items for your space, we will get to work so we reveal your new space. Sit back and relax while we do all the work.

4. Enjoy

It's time to enjoy your new home! We'll take your donations, clean up the space, and add design elements that create a room that is organized and flows with the design elements already established in your home.  

Working with us is Easy


Let's get Organized!

We believe our homes should support us figuratively and literally.  Often times, we forget the impact our spaces can have on our lives, and in turn, our homes become the cause of our stress instead of being the antidote to our troubles.  

(Psst! This is a big deal! Knowing you want to feel better in your home and reaching out to experts for help, deserves some credit! Keep listening to that voice that says "I deserve to feel like my best self", because you do!  Keep listening to that voice that says "I don't have to do this alone" because you don't! Lastly, keep listening to that voice that says "later is the best friend of clutter" because it is and NOW is the time to do this for you!)


Clean House, INC

Professional Organizing
Servicing the Main Line and Philadelphia Area

Reclaim Your Home.. It's Time to Clean House!

It's time to feel supported and loved by your home! Do you remember when you fell in love with it? When you decided THIS is the place you'd call home? Let's get that feeling back! From the basement to the attic - we support you through it all! Our trained team will help you determine which items are actually supporting your lifestyle, and which items should be donated.  Next, we find a home for the items you use and love, creating a space that supports the life you've always wanted to live. 

We do a little bit of everything, from packing and unpacking, to completely redesigning a room in a day! We install closets and pantries, wallpaper and furniture, everything to bring your space back to life so you can fall in love. Let us help ignite that spark again and reclaim your home!


About Me

My name is Tink Rainbow. I love long walks on the beach, romantic novels, and singing my favorite tunes. Ok, ok! You got me! I don't like romantic novels, but my name IS Tink and I love singing, although my clients would probably prefer I didn't.

Prior to starting this business in 2019, I was a special education teacher for 15 years. I enjoyed what I did and LOVED my students, but in complete transparency, the career wasn't all it was cracked up to be,

With the help of my wife and Rise Gatherings, I decided to turn my hobby into a career. Now I get to use my talents to improve the way a home or space supports its guests. Now, I wake up every day thrilled to do what I do and I often have "pinch me" moments in disbelief that this is my life.  

I have three children, a wife, a dog, a cat, four fish, and a chameleon. My house isn't always visitor ready and it doesn't always look like it belongs in a magazine, but everything has a home and it can quickly be tidied. My goal for my clients is to create a home for everything so they can feel supported figuratively and literally in their spaces, because after all, the state of your home is a direct indication of your emotional state, shouldn't it bring you joy?!

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